B-English version, soft cover, CLASPS, 4,000 Years of Fasteners in Jewellery

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This is the soft cover version  (photos of the actual version)

A book the Victoria & Albert Museum said: "It's a triumph!"

and the National Gallery of Art in Washington: "truly spectacular"

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From bronze Age to nowadays jewellery, four millennia of inventiveness in jewellery are unveiled

4700 years studied, 22 museums, jewelers & contributors from 30 countries.

and illustrated with unpublished photographs.

The operation of an egyptian clasp as "young" as 4000 years and the historical origin of the box clasp will be unveiled for the very first time.

  • 76 contributors, jewellers, designers, 22 museums... 30 countries represented,
  • 288 pages, 356 illustrations, a glossary of 28 illustrations, 17 x 19,4 cm

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ISBN 978-2-9535218-8-7

Fiche technique

nombre de pages :
288 pages, 356 photos
dimensions :
17 x 19,4 cm
poids :
0,8 kg

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