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A handbook for dyers. Learn how to extract indigo pigment or build a vat in light of the inner workings of the molecule

Follow step-by-step instructions with a running "science behind" column to guide you through. Revisit your experience or discover for the very first time. This handbook is also for beginners, with nutshell explanations.

You will find:

  •     Practical recipes
  •     Molecular visualizations
  •     Hands-on experiments
  •     Chemical elucidations
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A propos du livre VERSION FRANCAISE:

A blueprint for your indigo journey.

A closer look at indigo, down to the molecular level.

Level: beginner and expert
Format: 12"x12" (30x30 cm)
80 pages of detailed illustrations
Language: français

A book by Julia Tabakhova

ISBN 9782491418120

Fiche technique

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