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BLD-English version, LARGE SIZE soft cover - CLASPS, 4,000 Years of Fasteners in Jewellery

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When the cover is wrongly set on books, they are usually destroyed. What a waste!

This is a special offer for the ENGLISH version

36 first pages are in correct orientation, next pages are set wrong side:

One has to turn the book upside down and read pages from right to left... (cannot be a reason for return)


This is the soft cover version in LARGE SIZE -same size as the hard cover copy (See first photo and it's the larger one for sale here)

Non Europeans READERS including UK, there is NO VAT on Books, and it's tax free : enter your country on check-out



In the Media                         Readers said

  From bronze Age to nowadays jewellery, four millennia of inventiveness in jewellery are unveiled

4700 years studied, 22 museums, jewelers & contributors from 30 countries.

and illustrated with unpublished photographs.

The operation of an egyptian clasp as "young" as 4000 years and the historical origin of the box clasp will be unveiled for the very first time.

  • 76 contributors, jewellers, designers, 22 museums... 30 countries represented,
  • 288 pages, 356 illustrations, a glossary of 28 illustrations,  17 x 19,4 cm.

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ISBN 978-2-9535218-8-7

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Data sheet

number of pages :
288 pages, 356 photos
measurement :
210 L x 245 H in mm
weight :
ENGLISH VERSION---------Your bank will automatically apply the accurate exchange rate and you will be debited in your currency
LARGE SIZE 210 x 245 in SOFT cover

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